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), 3) Prepare a simple “copy paste” of the code for cmd on notepad *adb sideload*, (Definitely has helped me to lessen my stress level. Phone goes to recovery mode menu and says ‘installation aborted’ at then bottom of screen. the failed OTA update was preformed today 20/Aug/2015 and this is the information shown on the fastboot screen of my phone so you can help me decide what Stock ROM is the appropriate for my phone. Sebelum melakunnya ada beberapa file yang harus disiapkan sebagai berikut. C:\Users\mike\Desktop\asustemp>fastboot devices F6AZFG12T398 fastboot, C:\Users\mike\Desktop\asustemp>fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.img target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes sending ‘fastboot’ (14822 KB)… OKAY [ 0.682s] writing ‘fastboot’… FAILED (remote: Permission denied ) finished. I installed the OTA but in the “Installing System Update” screen, the update was not happening after 15% approximately, I even waited for 3hrs. ASUS Zenfone 2 [ZE551ML / ZE550ML] Stuck on Logo USB Kali ini kami akan share tutorial cara mengatasi HH yang Hardbrick ataupun softbrick, seperti HH kalau di hidupin dia cuma stuck di Logo ASUS ataupun muncul Logo USB putih dan tidak bisa masuk ke droidboot atau recovery mode. What package are you trying to flash via ADB? waiting for ur reply. Then reboot the phone into fastboot mode. Are you checking out your phone’s screen? For everybody with the sleeping droid error, Press Power button and Volume up, after one second release the Volume up, Hello Narender, I m stuck on sleeping bot screen with a red exclamation mark that keeping blinking every few seconds … i tried to open recovery .. but again the same blinking dead bot screen with “error” written. So….very restrictive policy Asus…WHY? Any ideas? Yes, those ADB drivers via Device Manager are needed. Download the latest Stock ROM from the Asus website by visiting the following links. ; Afterward, Choose the wipe data/factory reset option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with the Power button. Also, are you certain that it finished successfully? Pass the following command in ADB. If you try double clicking the zip file on your PC, does it open up? i type adb devices and all it says is list of devices but doesn’t show my phone at all. I don’t see a WW anywhere on my box. In the remote TeamViewer session he had me boot to a recovery.img in the fastboot console. i m on twrp recovery whn i go to install from sideload thn it says cannot update binary script … plss hwlp, Master, I can my phone turn on but after sometime running my phone showing system isn’t responding. ADB error status 7. a friend tried to recover it. You can download recovery.img, droidboot.img and boot.img from . June 30. same issue..i think we all need to boycott asus completely,, this is not the way things works, verge of loosing all my precious data , and don't even know when its gonna be solved or not, stuck on this. umm.. there is no recovery option at fastboot ! Thank you. I have already tried formatting user data and the cache. – After flashing it stuck on ASUS Boot 2. i tried another (.img “stock recovery”) – After this i lost my recovery menu when i chose recovery mode it reboot to bootloder screen (fastboot screen), 3. You’ll be then taken to recovery. in recovery mode,my zenfone 2 z008 not after i type command adb sideload,there is no reaction.after few mins its shows timeout.what can i do sir? 2015 doesn’t seem like the most recent ROM. I tried ‘fastboot format cache’ and I get formatting ‘cache’ partition… Creating filesystem with parameters: Size: 268435456 Block size: 4096 Blocks per group: 32768 Inodes per group: 8192 Inode size: 256 Journal blocks: 1024 Label: Blocks: 65536 Block groups: 2 Reserved block group size: 15 Created filesystem with 11/16384 inodes and 2089/65536 blocks error: wipe_block_device: wipe not supported on non-linux platforms sending ‘cache’ (0 KB)… FAILED () finished. hi narinder, my ze551ml was struck in fastboot mode after trying to install marshmallow update. Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 unable to boot after update After installing the update, the reports of the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 being stock on the boot logo started popping up. Recovering (Unbricking) the Asus Zenfone 2 Whether your Zenfone 2 has bricked due to a failed OTA update because the device is rooted or there’s some other issue, the solution is pretty straightforward – Flash the Full Stock ROM. files I have downloaded:, Is yours the WW version? If it still doesn’t work, then I don’t know how to help you :/. 12:31 [Fixed] How to Fix Dead Android Logo in Zenfone 2 - Duration: 4:33. It can take the device a few minutes depending on the cache size to clear all of it. I literally try to type and copy and paste it and all of that. If it doesn’t it is most probably corrupted. Its unfortunate for all of you who are facing this issue all of a sudden. Someone could help me? written on it and nothing else happens. my fastboot isnt opening..what i have to do in this case? Please mail me at when you are available. You need top run that command. What to do ? If it doesn’t work, do what I recommended in the post. Oops.. During the press-ROM, around 50% have this error in zenfone2: Can not install this package (sun March 8 17:11:34) o er newer build (12 CTS 25 13:28:52 2015). Problem solved! . I don’t think that is correct or not? ‘droidboot_dnx.img.POS_sign.bin’ c. ‘ifwi.bin’, The Process was stuck on: “XFSTK-STATUS–Firmware download completed. It shows a ‘usb logo’ on the screen… I guess it happened as i didn’t root the phone properly.. am not able to solve it by any method given above.. pressing 1,2, or 3 buttons simultaneously also doesn’t help much.. Open Device Manager on the PC and take a screenshot. What else shows up, buddy? If you happen to have teamviewer on your system and ample time, maybe we can proceed. (ADB didnt read any of my cmds when tried it. As for the serial number, it is a system bug and applies to all Zenfone 2 devices.

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